Our Sugar Free Chocolate Couvertures

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Target health-conscious consumers in chocolate confectionery with our formulations

After seeing the effects of global pandemic and long enclosures, people are more conscious about the impact of:


  • stress,
  • anxiety
  • and other mood  changes.

This shifts in better planned foods are going to be guided not only by nutrition goals but also framed in an indulgent standard that goes hand in hand with new discovered habits to pursue an emotionally healthier lifestyle.


That's why sugar reduction without sacrificing flavour has become one of the main topics of overall health. 

*Mintel, 2021.




How does this compare vs other non-sugar sweeteners on the market?

In non-sugar sweeteners world, we found this powerful combination that is gentler to the body because of the Erythritol and and more indulgent in flavor thanks to the natural abilities of the stevia.
Stevia has been always tricky to use in products because of its residual bitterness but after 6 years of research, we have come up with a great combination of sweeteners that lives perfectly in balance originating the best guilt free indulgent chocolate moment.

Why this combination and not Maltitol?

There are studies showing that Erythrito l is better metabolized than Maltitol. Additionally, we reinforced the sweetening performance of Erythritol together with stevia , being a sweetener of natural origin.



What is sugar-free chocolate?

Sugar-free chocolate, sweetened with alternatives such as sugar alcohols or non-nutritive sweeteners, provides a profitable opportunity for chocolate brands to cater to health-conscious and diabetic consumers.
By offering unique flavor profiles, reduced calorie options, and the potential for incorporating functional ingredients, brands can innovate and differentiate themselves in a competitive market. However, they must overcome challenges such as taste variations, potential digestive issues from certain sweeteners, production costs, and regulatory constraints to appeal to this growing consumer base.

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