A sugar conscious formulation

of a plant based chocolate couverture

This chocolate combines the creaminess and subtle cereal notes of OatM!lk balanced with Fino de Aroma cocoa notes (characteristic of our OatM!lk 43%) with the health benefits of a combination with Erythritol and Stevia as sweeteners.

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What is the estimated volume required during the year?

Why should you develop a no sugar added plant-based chocolate product?

  • The Global Vegan Chocolate market has an estimated value of USD $4.0 BN by 2032.*
  • Plant-based chocolate has grown so much products need further differentiation to tap into relevant segments.
  • Our new formulation is perfect for consumers making environmentally driven consumption changes but also need to reduce sugar intake for health reasons.
  • Products that are described as environmentally responsible present a great opportunity for vegan chocolate markets.*
  • *Future Market Insights